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How to Make a German Easter Tree

The tradition Canada Goose online of making Easter trees started in Germany, and while the making of these trees (decorated with eggs) has not spread much wider than Germany itself, this is where the Easter bunny and Easter eggs actually came from.

Like Christmas, Easter, canada goose while a Christian celebration, is based on ancient canada goose uk outlet customs, and indeed Canada Goose Outlet was originally celebrated to welcome the new spring.

Eggs and rabbits both symbolise fertility, the start of the growing season with new leaves appearing on trees and the return of growing grass, nesting birds, new life being created after the harsh winter months have passed.

Personally I love the idea of decorating trees with brightly painted and decorated eggs, and while it is possible to buy chocolate wrapped ready prepared Easter eggs and bunnies, it is fun to make your own.

My childhood Easters were spent painting hard boiled eggs with watercolors, and rolling them down a hill on Easter Sunday to symbolise the rolling away of the canada goose coats on sale stone that Canada Goose Online occurred when Jesus rose from the dead.

It never occurred to buy canada goose jacket cheap me to hang them up on trees instead. What a wonderful idea! Thanks, Germany.

How to prepare the eggs canada goose store for canada goose uk shop hanging on a treeHard boiled Canada Goose Parka eggs are quite heavy for tree branches, so ideally you want the egg without the insides.

To remove the egg yolk and white, simply pierce an egg at both ends with a darning needle.

Make one hole bigger than the other.

Make sure the needle has pierced the canada goose clearance sale yolk as it will not come out when it canadian goose jacket is still whole.

Then blow through the smaller hole while holding the egg over a basin, and the egg content canada goose black friday sale should come out pretty easily, especially if the egg is at room temperature.

You may break a few eggs first before you get the hole right, but at least you can always scramble the eggs so that they don’t go to waste.

Break a toothpick in half, and thread string round it

the drawing on the right is the stick with the string looped round it. You want the string to be of equal lengths on either canada goose uk black friday side of the knot in the stick Source

Push the toothpick through the hole in the egg, making sure that it goes in completely, leaving the string outside

take care when Canada Goose sale you uk canada goose outlet insert the stick that the tied on string canada goose coats goes into the hole in the egg too Source

The stick should turn uk canada goose back into the horizontal position inside the egg, leaving the Canada Goose Jackets string firmly in position

gently pull the string to make sure it is well anchored Source

brightly colored eggs hanging from a German Easter tree Source

Decorate the egg for EasterOnce the eggshell has dried out, you can use watercolor paints, oil paints or even kitchen food dye to paint the egg.

In Germany, eggs are highly decorated to increase their attractiveness.

You can dip cheap canada goose uk the shell in a liquid glue and then roll in glitter or any other eye catching materials.

If you have the time to spare, you can sit with Canada Goose Coats On Sale a paintbrush and dab read more here Canada Goose Outlet in spots of luminescent buy canada goose jacket paint so cheap Canada Goose that your egg will light up at night time.

Really, the sky is the limit. canada goose clearance There must be a million designs or more to make your Easter eggs the prettiest around, although of course, they will still look extremely attractive just dyed a primary or pastel color and hung on tree branches.

Making your Easter treeIf you have a tree or small shrub in your garden, you can hang the eggs from the branches, using the string you already inserted into your egg shells.

Wind canada goose factory sale and weather will take its toll if your tree is in an exposed position.

You may prefer instead to lop a branch of a tree or shrub, preferably one with lots of smaller branches on which to hang your eggs, and one whose buds are starting to open, and bring it indoors, placed in a vase of water to keep it alive.

Place it in a prominent position in your house, where family and guests can see it. Tie your painted eggs on, and that is how to make a German Easter tree.